Clickbank - How to Make Money with no Website

  • Clickbank - How to Make Money with no Website

    Numerous people want to know how to make money on ClickBank without a web site. It's true that this can be executed if you do it in a orderly way.

    To begin with your Internet marketing career, you most likely don't care to commit a lot of money in buying your own web site and paying for hosting. Your primary destination is to make your 1st buck online.

    This can be done using ClickBank without even getting a web site. It's easy to do and I'll tell you but how do it. Your 1st step is to pick a effective ClickBank product to advertise that's going to earn you a decent commission each and every time you make a sale.

    Some people think that they have to pick ClickBank products that have low gravity since the other ones that have high gravity are just filled with other marketers that are advertising this product which will make it harder to advertise. This isn't so, it depends greatly on your power to pick keyword phrases.
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    Nonetheless, I do urge that you embark onto a site that's configured to analyze ClickBank products to show you the history that is involved with the products along with the return rates. There's nothing more frustrative than promoting a product even though you might be using a free web site service, like for example , just to recognize that one-half of your sales are returned which means your commission is greatly cut down.

    The way that you promote ClickBank products without a web site is through writing many articles, keyword friendly, with no grammatical errors, and posting them using free web site design sites and also by using video upload sites like Youtube.

    There in reality are infinite ways that you'll be able to do so without paying a penny. Would I like to do is conduct a fast search on the keyword phrase that I wish to aim at for certain ClickBank products to look into the degree of competition by screening which sites are on the 1st page and whether or not one or a lot of them are employing free ways to promote their Clickbank campaigns.

    For example, if you discover there are many YouTube videos that are displaying up on the 1st page for a particular keyword search, it is a good idea to go onto these pages on YouTube and to leave a comment applying your WebCam in order to grab some of that free traffic.

    "Crucial Message...

    Are you ready to start earning enough money online to quit your day job?

    If your answer is "Yes", I was in your shoes in the past. I was making little to no money online what so ever and it really started to frustrate me. In fact, it was so bad that I started having nightmare dreams due to my worrying over this.

    With that said, everything changed once I discovered Clickbank Pirate and learned their simple methods of making money online. Now, I am much more organized and financially better off than I was a few years ago because of one simple rule: Follow directions to a "T" , Listen and do not take any shortcuts.

    Most people, especially newbies, try taking shortcuts and 90% of the time they will fail. With Clickbank Pirate they help you NOT fail as long as you follow and listen to their directions. Believe me, it will pay off in the long run so remember to have a little patients and time to pass to start making some really good money online. I will happen! Just never give up because you will not become a millionaire overnight.

    I recommend checking out this link:                 Clickbank Pirate

    or, You can watch the video Here:                    CB Pirate Video

    or, You can visit my other CB Pirate Site Here: CB Pirate Blog

    Good Luck and may success come your way!

    CB Pirate Review Number 2

  • Review of Clickbank Pirate Number 2

    The Clickbank Pirate Auto-Pilot product Review report has been published and reviewed by many web sites. If you have already heard of CB Pirate and you are speculating that Clickbank Pirate really does work and do what it is supposed to do , then you are on the correct page and also in good hands for some really good information! 

    One Website in general, E-scam, has done many professional software product analysis on several high quality auto-pilot software systems has made a full probe into the CB Pirate auto-pilot system.

    All of us here at CB Pirate want to not only feel comfortable about this amazing auto-pilot system but also want you to be 100% certain that your personal reliability and full trust factor is totally complete and satisfactory. And, by the way, the E-Scam ratings are rated as a 10 out of 10 ( Meta score of 100/100 ) which is awesome in case you were wondering!  :)

     Test reports display that the over=-all sales gravity of Clickbank PirateAuto-Pilot is increasing consistently.
     CB Pirates refund rate is very close to ZERO!  Yes, folks, ZERO! That goes to show you that not only are people doing well with this auto-pilot system but they are continuing to purchase CB Product related material which only enhances your chance to make even more of a full-time income on total auto-pilot.

    All these statistics, without question, distinctly suggest that CB Pirate is not only a great auto-pilot software system to invest in but also shows that it is NOT a Scam or just some other typical garbage product.

    These statistics are what you really want to know and see in the flesh. This shows you the support, reality, promise, integrity and full satisfaction of a genuine software product. PERIOD!

    If you decide to purchase Clickbank Pirate, you will be protected by Clickbank's awesome refund policy of 60 days and every cent will be refunded with zero questions asked. I am quite sure that you most likely will not be refunding this after you see what you get and what is involved in this unique program.

    After purchase, you will be able to instantly and safely download your risk-free copy of Clickbank Pirate.  You can reach to the download page directly below.

     Purchase Clickbank Pirate HERE:

    CB Pirate - How to Start Your Internet Marketing Business Rapidly

  • If you happen to be an Internet or affiliate marketing  beginner or newbie, and you would love to start your online business rapidly and effectively, please continue to read.

    CB Pirate is what you probably have been looking for and just either just found out about it here on my Web site, Stumbled across it somewhere in cyberspace or have heard about it but need to know more?

    Well, you are on the right page! CB Pirate is not a new program. In a matter of fact, Clickbank Pirate has been out now for close to 5 years and is still on the top charts for auto-pilot income for people who would love to have an "auto-pilot" website which brings in affiliate commissions straight and directly to your bank account! Or you can receive a check in the mail if you prefer.

    Allow for me to explain: if you want your online business to start kicking some serious "Arse", it is recommended to set up the following basic constituents of CB Pirate:
    - Squeeze page. ( This will be applied to construct and render leads for your commissions you WILL be receiving! )

    - Sales operation ( This is where you will be directing your potential candidates after they enter your squeeze sales page )

    - Auto-Pilot email responder list ( A list of again, possible, potential candidates for future sales )

    - Email follow up series (Your choice here: either YOU can follow up on potential customers or you can allow for the Clickbank Pirate Employees to do all the work for you !! ) hmmm?  let me think about this one? Yes, of course!
    You would be looked at as having a concussion or brain damage if you did not take advantage of this!

    - Free reports ( CB Pirate offers you tons of Free stuff that is included when you sign up! )

    *** NOTE ***  Many many beginners want to start an IM ( Internet Marketing ) business but most are discouraged when they realize that they do not have the technological skills ( that everyone thinks is required ) to set up the CB Pirate system allowing them to move on and proceed.

    Most beginners have no idea on how to set up these components. And if they ask experts to do this for them, it will be very costly making this seem like a nightmare both in your head and in your wallet.

    Now for the Good News!

    When you purchase Clickbank Pirate, you will  receive a turnkey system. ( This is a special piece of software with most of the "red tape" and irritations already removed so that it is not only easier for the beginner but it is set up and designed to run on auto-pilot once you get things rolling. )
    Your CB Pirate turnkey system will include the following:

    1. Professionally designed video squeeze pages. You might be wondering... why video squeeze pages? Well, because it is statistically proven in the IM world that they convert much better. With video squeeze pages, you will be able to build leads much quicker than the traditional pages that are without videos. ( You want to make money and get paid faster, right? )

    2. Auto-responder + email follow up series.  For the beginners: An auto-responder is an email software system that emails your potential customers all sorts of information regarding what you want to send them.

    A good auto-responder software system cost roughly around 25 - 35 dollars MONTHLY now-days but the great news is that when you purchase Clickbank Pirate Auto-Pilot an auto-responder is ALREADY included at no additional charge!

    You don't even need to buy a hosting account or a domain name if you don't want to. This is the best part about CB Pirate that gets overlooked the most. Once you get things all set up and rolling ( which, again, does not take that long at all ) the CB Pirate employees at Clickbank Pirate Headquarters take over and do all of the promotion and email follow ups for you!

    Let me say that again!  THEY DO ALL OF THE PROMOTION FOR YOU!!

    This is what you call a "True - Genuine" Auto-Pilot Business. It doesn't get any easier than this folks. Believe me when I say this. You will not find another program out there that takes over the hardest part of Internet Marketing today, The Selling!!!!

    All of this is already handled for you. Wow, Huh?

    You will also receive tons of promotional tools such as pre-written blog posts, articles, emails and banners that you can use to drive traffic to your squeeze pages.
    With these basic components available, you'll be able to literally start your Internet marketing business instantly upon signing up with Clickbank Pirate. What you need to do next is to learn and follow instructions on how to drive traffic to your video squeeze pages.


    Clickbank Pirate is a very rare and incredible software program for the beginners or newbies to get started in Internet marketing business rapidly and cost effectively.
    Hope you find this review useful.


    or visit our website for more Clickbank Pirate Articles, Posts, and More Detailed Information!

    Clickbank Pirate Review and Feedback

  • Clickbank Pirate Review

    I have decided to write another article focused on my own opinion of a Clickbank Pirate Review.

    I have searched the Internet and have come across several Click bank Pirate purchasers blogs, articles, CB Pirate Review sites and comments regarding the Clickbank Pirate Auto-Pilot System.

    I cannot believe some of the things that I have read! Some really good and fantastic but a couple of really negative comments that I would like to address here.

    For starters, Congrats to everyone in the CB Pirate family who put in some work to make this produce results for you! And for those who have not reached their goals yet, keep on working! You will see results with Clickbank Pirate in the near future. Do NOT give up!!!

    Now, for those other comments regarding some issues with CB Pirate? I do have to say a few things here. I do not know your situation and do not know exactly why you are failing with this program but there are a couple of ideas I am probably right about:

    Now, Before I mention this, I do not want you to think that I am this "Almighty Internet Marketing GURU" that knows all because even though I have been using CB Pirate now for a little over 4 years, I am still learning from some mistakes. But, the good news is DO READ what I have to say below so you do NOT have to make the same mistakes both I made and some of the other CB Pirate members as well:

    1. Do You Need Money or Are You Required To Buy Additional Stuff When You 1st Join?
    The answer is NO.  I hear around the Internet that people have lost money spending it on advertising with Clickbank Pirate. Yes, that is your choice if you want to do this but you 100% do NOT have to spend a dime!

    *** HONEST ALERT ***

    (  "...The ONLY $ I have ever spent on CB Pirate was to have one of my articles I personally wrote to be published in an article marketing submission service and it did not prove any results for me..."  )

    Now, What I suggest to do is write some good, quality, unique content articles about CB Pirate. Look around at what some others are writing and get some ideas from their articles but DONT copy and paste their articles onto your site!

    This is a huge NO NO especially in the eyes of Google. Your site WILL get penalized for "Duplicate Content" and I can almost guarantee that your site will never reach page one of Google. It will be buried on page 28 somewhere in cyberspace where NO ONE will ever read it! If you are doing this, I highly recommend you STOP, Delete, and Start over fresh.

    2. Work Ethics For CB Pirate - Do I Have to Work 24/7...?

    The answer is, again, NO!
    What I do recommend is that you DO put in some hard work in the beginning ( to get it over with ) and then write a new article maybe once a week afterwards.
    Eventually, you will reach a point where you are getting good, quality, targeted traffic for your Clickbank Pirate Blog and then you can either slow down a bit and/or continue to write some NEW material for you site every other week.

    *** HONEST ALERT ***

    (  "...When I 1st started, I was horrible at following directions! I wanted to do everything MY WAY. I soon learned after a few months that this was the WRONG WAY to do things..." )

    You see folks, CB Pirate is designed to literally "Hold you by the hand" and guide you through on what and what NOT to do but you have to follow their directions!

    The best part of Clickbank Pirate is that once you do start getting a decent flow of traffic and people start signing up, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING TO SELL THEM!!!!

    Clickbank Pirate is designed to where all you have to do is get the traffic to your Web site or Blog and then let The CB Pirate Headquarters take over. They will do all of the email marketing and selling to your subscribers! Sounds pretty cool, huh?

    3. Don't Give Up!

    Never Ever give up if you want this to work. I can almost promise you that the majority of people, especially new affiliate marketers, tend to give up to early due to lack of sales and patients.

    ** HONEST ALERT ***

    ( " ...I, too, almost gave up because I thought all I had to do, when I 1st started, was to write an article here and there and then sit back and do NOTHING!..." )

    This is false!
    There are no programs out there that I know of that allow you to do this no matter what anyone says! Yes, there may be a few obstacles in your way at 1st of making some sales but make sure to follow CB Pirates exact formula and never give up! This is the main reason why I failed in the beginning so DONT let this happen to you. Just believe me on this!

    Put in your work early and I promise you the results will come!

    " ...Well... I hope this helps any skepticism out there regarding this Clickbank Pirate Review!
    Just remember, Follow their instructions, the traffic will come, let the CB Pirate Associates do all the selling for you, never give up and you will do fine!... "

    If you have not joined Clickbank Pirate yet, then visit the banner below:

    Clickbank Pirate Official Website

    Clickbank Pirate - Making Money With CB Pirate

  • Clickbank Pirate - Making Money With CB Pirate

    Making money with Clickbank Pirate.

    If, for some reason, you are having a little trouble starting out, then below are 3 super suggestions to help aid you in your money making entrepreneurship !

    1) Have you submitted your website to as many directories as possible?

    There are many directories you can submit your pages to (which is a really easy process) but below are some of the really good ones!

    ***Now, keep in mind, I have been with CB Pirate now for over 4 years and I really feel that you should apply all of these things to your business if you need a kick start***

    These would be the list of directories you need to submit to: Alexa, AltaVista, All The Web, AOL, Ask, Bing, DMOZ, Google, Hotbot, Kanoodle, Live, Lycos, LookSmart, MSN, National Directory, Netscape, WebCrawler, and Yahoo.

    Remember NOT to Over-Index!  This is a No-No !  What that means is that Only index once and move onto the next one. Always give it some time if you decide to Re-Index your page or site to the same directory.

    2) Now, does everything on your site look good and work in different browsers?
    As in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing... as well as other people's computers, laptops or even iphones? It is always recommended to check this out because sometimes your sites do not look so well on another browser or even look weird or completely different on someone elses computer. Do not worry though if this happens!  It is usually a quick fix and some editing or moving around of stuff on your site usually does the trick!

    Sometimes what you see when you're viewing your own page online, is actually utilizing information stored on your computer which the rest of the world doesn't have access to at all or can't see just yet. 
    Give it time!

    Yes, the Internet is lightening fast but indexing can be a little slower so remember this when making edits and try not to make too many edits frequently. If you have to edit your site, (which we all do eventually) try and make as many changes at one time and then update your site to not confuse the index.

    3) If your site happens to look good from the start and has been indexed thoroughly and is starting to get some traffic, LEAVE IT ALONE! Let it do it's thing.

    Now, I do not mean leave your business alone because you can NEVER have too much traffic. Remember, the more traffic you have, the more MONEY you will make. It is and always will be the same formula! It is a numbers game!

    You can have the best looking site on the planet with all of the glitters and gizmos that will just make anyone want to buy what ever it is that you are selling BUT will any of that really matter if there is ZERO traffic coming to your site?

    Makes sense, wouldn't you agree?

    So, after these 3 steps are finished you can do 1 of 2 things:

    1) Nothing (which i will never recommend)  or -

    2) Continue to find ways to get traffic to your site/s! (which is what i will ALWAYS recommend!!!)

    Yes, Clickbank Pirate is and eventually will be an Auto-Pilot system. All you have to do is get traffic to your sites and let the people at CB Pirate Headquarters take over! THEY will do all of that hard work and try to get your traffic turned into buyers!

    Remember: Here are a few ways of getting traffic to your site/s:

    Article Writing, Emailing (whether a paid service like Aweber or Free)..., Commenting on other blogs or sites with your link at the bottom (be careful with this and make sure it is allowed before doing so and NEVER over do it! , write an article and submit it to some great article directories like Ezine Articles. ( I have had a lot of success with this and the best part... It is FREE!

    Just keep at it folks and have a little patients. Your time will come as long as you stick with it and NEVER give up!


    Clickbank Pirate – Latest News on Autopilot Income

  • It is May 2nd, 2012 and CB Pirate is here to stay!

    I have now owned this amazing software for already 4 years and it has been one of the best clickbank investments I have ever made
    in my affiliate Internet business life. ( I have been doing online blogging now for about 4 years )

    "There is really truth behind this Shockingly Simple System That Can Make You At Least a thousand Per Month Without A Web site Or A Product Of Your Own!"

    You will be able to start Using It 15 Minutes From Now & Have Your Clickbank Account banking in some good, decent money right from the "Get-Go"..

    There really is not many products or software out on the open market today that can professionally speaking "back up this claim"...

    If there are testimonials that you want, just email me and i will email you back with them... proof is indeed available for those who are skeptical and weary of investing.. and speaking of investing, CB Pirate is way under 50 bucks in case you were getting nervous.

    I would like to re-Introduce The Ultimate Plug & Play System That Will Generate Unlimited Clickbank Commissions On Complete Auto-Pilot! Yes, I said "Auto-Pilot" !!

    If you are a little unsure of what exactly that means, it means "Automatically putting money into your Paypal or Bank Account" once it is set up properly. And yes, after this is done, (which can take up to 15 minutes) if you do everything that you are supposed to do, as in, follow the directions to a "T".. then, eventually, you may actually find yourself just sitting back and checking your account here and there to see the sales come in!... it truly is this easy!

    If you are  tired of looking all over the Internet for an "already" proven, easy to implement system, for creating a reliable Income as a Clickbank affiliate, this could really well be the most crucial letter you'll ever read!

    They finish up with "zilch" to demonstrate for all their backbreaking work… except for a charge card maxed out by hopeless and unfaithful Adwords campaigns. (which i do not get involved with anymore)

    Because that is exactly  what our competitors would propose for you to do, to urgently satisfy their Bull shit "Earn $50,000 Per Month" hyped up affiliate schemes, that just do not work for regular folks like you and me!

    There are dozens of "how to make profit on Clickbank" products out there…Many of which are total scams and pure garbage of regurgitated junk usually stolen from other products.. Maybe you have been a "test subject" or a "guinea Pig" for cheap Internet marketers trying to make a fast buck on out-of-date info?

    (I have been scammed before, I have been lied to before and I have trusted products before and have learned the hard way of what NOT to do again!)

    Hopefully, i can send you a message so that you do NOT fall into this category like i did and save you the time and frustration of going through what I and many , many others have gone through before!

    Just keep reading and try and soak up this info...

    Now, don't get me wrong, a few of these products are not that bad, but 99.99% of them all endure the same equivalent  problem… If they are not instantaneously lying to you, then at any rate they are NOT revealing the entire full truth to you.

    If you decided to have a deep look into what your hard drive has stored onto it, you would be shocked that it is most likely juiced up with tons of info you would ever need to make a decent income online.

    But even if you did decide to use that information, you would be confused and lost because all of these useless ebooks are so hyped up that they skip "step 1 through step 7" and start you out on "step 8".. ? This is really true today! and it makes me sick to my stomach every time i look into some new software that has just been released.

    These so-called "gurus" assure you than you are able to make tons and tons of money exploiting this or that Google loophole, by writing endless amounts of articles and posts on your blog or web site using this magic Abracadabra PPC campaign and just sending traffic to a Clickbank affiliate link. Again, more Bullshit !

    (I apologize for my language if it offends you but i really cannot think of another word for this because i have reached the end of my rope with these professional scam artists out there trying to take full advantage of the young or beginner affiliate marketer.)

    What these so-called gurus are discussing is merely how to render traffic to your affiliate links. Yes, traffic is crucial – but it should not be the only thing you are thinking about!

    You need to have a proven system set up and established before you even entertain the fact of sending traffic, not to mention trying out costly Adwords campaigns.

    The people clicking onto your affiliate link are usually not there to immediately buy that product. You're relying on the vendors sales copy to convert and convince them to go to the next step.

    -If you could get your visitor’s mind to focus on the goods, so that when they click your affiliate link… they go there because they WANT the product?

    -If you could capture your prospects so you could continue to market related products to them forever, with no extra work or investment?

    -If you could have the entire sales process run on autopilot, so you can focus on getting more prospects in at the top of your funnel – knowing that they will have turned a handsome profit when they emerge at the other end?

    Offer your visitors a worthful free report related to the merchandise you are trying to distribute. Get them to join your list and use the whole process to "pre sell" them on the product

    We recognize how difficult it can be when you're just beginning (we have been there) and we know you probably do not have tons of free time and free days available to work on this.

    Besides we're big fans of "learning by doing" – and we rapidly recognized it would be a lot more easygoing for us to build this for you, than it would be to instruct and teach you!

    But prior to getting involved with this, you probably would love to see some proof and validation that this system actually works!

    We could have taken screen shots of our personal Clickbank accounts and shown you all kinds of impressive numbers

    Goodness… we could even have cooked up some screen shots in Photoshop – as we suspect a lot of the more shady  and scammy merchants do! And believe me, they still do this today with no mercy!

    Therefore, we let a couple of people in to test the system (while we were building it). They set up a couple of test Clickbank accounts, only using our system… No extra traffic, joint ventures or relying on their subscriber lists or surviving sites!

    We told them to stop sending traffic to these accounts a while back because we required to test the long full long term income from following up with the prospects they brought into the system.

    Even If We Wanted To, We could not Stop This System From Making Money For Our Members… And Why Would We?

    Our system works… and it brings in auto-pilot Clickbank commissions on a consistent  basis!

    You would have to write the reports effective enough to get people to join and to pre sell them on the product.

    And you would have to pay for and establish your auto responder… let alone writing the follow up series. (which, by individual subscriber, can take forever to do! )

    Just about most affiliates lack the time, skill or motivation to set this up for every product they would like to promote.

    Chances are 1 or 2 of the above apply to you… And as result you're not raking in the commissions you deserve!

    The Ultimate Plug & Play Turnkey Clickbank System Quickly & Easily Generate A Recession Proof Recurring Income Plug In To An Autopilot Business That Generates Fat and juicy Commission Checks Day & Night… While We Do All The Hard Work For You!

    An automated system for quickly and easily getting your online business into profit & raking in massive Clickbank checks.

    A lifestyle where we do the work for you and you just "plug in" whenever you feel like it – and do it on your own terms…


    Best New Affiliate Software to Buy in 2012

  • CB Pirate, also highly know as Clickbank Pirate is one of the hottest selling Clickbank Software products of 2012! In a mater of fact, it has been purchased and downloaded these last few years so many times, it deserves another "Grand Opening Launch".

    Clickbank Pirate is one of the very 1st precise turnkey auto-pilot income method software systems for generating affiliate marketing profits with Clickbank merchandise, permitting people to generate inexhaustible Clickbank commissions on auto-pilot.

    CB Pirate is often a established software computer program which gives vendors availableness to just about everything essential for Clickbank good results void of incurring any technological troubles, creating or marketing but before going further, let me explain a little to what CB Pirate is all about before you make the best marketing money producing decision of your life!

    cb pirate
    Click the button below for the Official CB Video if you are tired of reading LOL.
    CB Pirate Video

    ClickBank Pirate is contingent on an genuine access for monies relating solely with ClickBank. As contrary to  just sending your clients to the marketers hoplinks and trusting that their "clicks" of that link will generate sales for you.

    A wonderful and easily explained "Plug-and-Play" program, CB Pirate clearly explains it all! Even if you are BRAND NEW to Internet Marketing, no need to worry because they "literally" take you by the hand and peacefully guide you through all the steps to get you on your way to making some serious cash flow.

    One important factor you must understand (as goes with all software programs as well) is that you must apply some work too! If there are programs you have come across in the past that say to "just install it and walk away" ... they are not filling you in with all the details. I would not get too comfortable with this method because there really is no such thing as a "install your program and forget about it" program! It does not exist! Yes, it would be nice if it did and I, for one, would be the first one to buy this but this is all just a fantasy and even the money making Internet "Gurus" would agree. Except, it is those Internet "Gurus" whom are the ones promoting such programs out there misleading both new and seasoned affiliate marketers so please, do not fall for this.

    I did several times when i 1st started. I believed anything and everything because it "sounded good" and the web sites looked "pretty and glamorous". I was a sucker!

    The reason I am sharing this with you folks is because you don't have to go through this like I did. Not at all!  I would say that in the last 5 years of Internet marketing, I honestly lost and threw away close to 3 thousand dollars on "trial and error" software programs because I was desperate, eager, impatient, money-hungry and most of all, I wanted to believe in these programs no matter what was said about them. So, in a nutshell, Yes, I was stupid.

    But the great thing about this (after a few years) is that I have learned a very valuable lesson. And that lesson is to do my homework before buying anything now-days. I would expect you to do the same. So, lets get back to Clickbank Pirate and talk about why you should invest in this program.
    cb pirate

    1. Are you new to Internet Marketing?

    2. Have you been an IM (Internet Marketing) for some time now but yet to see the cash flow?

    3. Are there too many programs out there making it hard for you to choose "Just One" and stick with it?

    4. Are you just plain sick and tired of hearing about this program and that program and this ones better than that and etc... that is is literally starting to make you sick and queasy to your stomach? (That was me a few years ago..)

    Anyway, if you said yes to any of the above, keep on reading. I am NOT going to promise you a brand new Lamborghini or Beach house! I am not going to even promise you success!... Yikes ! Why is this, you say? Well... the reason is simple. You cant become successful at something like Internet Marketing without expecting to do a little work on your behalf!

    It does not get anymore truthful than this! If you are expecting to just buy this program and do very little to nothing with it then I suggest you look elsewhere and good luck to you. But if you do not mind doing a little work than stick around because the rewards that come with this are non-comparable to all the other programs out there. Especially, Clickbank programs.

    If you are not too familiar with Clickbank, CB Pirate can be a complete turnkey program - you will get paid immediately even when it is 3am in the morning! Remember, just follow their simple rules and allow them to "Hold Your Hand".. Yeah, that may sound a bit corny but eventually when you do start to make a "residual" income and sales keep on pouring in, you can officially laugh at yourself!

    Except the laughing may stop when you realize what a mistake you made by not getting involved with CB Pirate earlier. Hey, but we all make mistakes right? Absolutely!.. My first 2 years of IM were trial and error mistakes. In fact, too many of them to share here. Let me put an end to that for you by you continuing to read and educate yourself on Click bank Pirate Auto-Pilot.

    ClickBank is an exceedingly well-known affiliate market place. With 1000s of choices anybody can locate something to market there.

    The straightforward breakdown looks like this:

    You bring forth targeted traffic to your squeeze page over an area of interest. People eventually locate and discover these squeeze pages and gather interest and information. The more people that come to your site, the more sales you will make. A numbers game which it is.

    Now for the really cool stuff! After some time, you will start to notice smaller payments on your Click bank Account and wonder what they are? Well folks, you get paid a percentage of the peoples sales that signed up under you as well! It is a "tier" system as well. Now, its not as much as a regular sale but hey, every bit adds up!

    Eventually you will reach a stage, like myself, to where you are checking your Click bank Account on a daily basis ( usually in the morning for me while i drink my coffee..) to see how much none you made while you were sleeping... LITERALLY!.. now that's positive residual income power folks! That's where you want to be! And you will get there eventually with a little work and patience.

    Don't you think it may be time to capitalize on this method ?
    Click the Below Button for the Official Website where you can more information about CB Pirate!

    cb pirate
    Good Luck and Much Success to you!

    P. S.
    If you are still have questions after visiting the official Clickbank Pirate site, please feel free to drop me an email !  :)
    Please include the word "Clickbank Pirate Question" in the "Subject" line.

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    Thank You!

    Why Is Clickbank Pirate Is A Safe Investment?

  • Is Clickbank Pirate Is A Safe Investment?

    ClickBank Pirate  or also known as CB Pirate always brings up questions regarding the claim of:
    Is Clickbank Pirate a good investment or just another over-rated piece of software like all the others?

    For starters, I have been using Clickbank CB Pirate on Auto-Pilot now for close to 4 years now! I can't believe how time passes so quickly. It feels as if I just purchased this awesome program just a few months ago! Anyway, I wanted to state this because I ALSO want everyone who reads this article to understand that I am NOT a beginner nor am I "just another guy" just trying to sell "another" typical software program to make a quick buck!

    Click The Pirate Below to Get Started !
    Yes, there is a small commission involved when someone purchases CB Pirate, especially if he or she does so under my link (which I really appreciate and thank you in advance if you do so) but it goes a little further than this. I would love to have a downline of Clickbank Pirate Autopilot Subscribers underneath me to both coach and inform them about as much about this program as possible.

    When more than a few people are working together, I strongly feel that many positive things get accomplished.

    Now, not everyone is going to be successful in Internet marketing. Not everyone is going to become rich or be able to quit their day job if they do affiliate Internet marketing.

    The majority of people that DO FAIL is usually because of lack of information, lack of skills, lack of strategy and goals, lack of communication* and probably most of all; lack of motivation! One of the biggest myths and straight out "lies" is that when you purchase any software program now-days, many of us believe when you get the program set up and running, write an article or two, promote it however you choose to do so, that it will take off like a champion golden race-horse on auto-pilot?

    Some reviews from Clickbank Pirate Users:

    Independent ClickBank Pirate Reviews
    "So to conclude, I gotta say I'm rather intrigued and interested in Clickbank Pirate service. I don't recall other services that do this exact thing. "
    "So, what’s the catch? I couldn't find one...All in all, I'd say that this is about the closest you will ever find to a "TurnKey System".""If you're a beginner or newbie, this turnkey system is right for you. Most beginners lack the skill and motivation to set up video squeeze pages, auto responder, email series and free reports of their own."
    Warrior Forum Discussion"System looks cool, though, and the Plug 'n Play blog idea is one of the best I've seen - that alone is worth something significant."
    BobTheTeacher"I have to say for affiliate marketing novices and experienced marketers who simply don't have time to set up a system like this, CB Pirate gets 4 Years from me."

    For some of the lucky ones, this occasionally does happen but this is very rare. Like winning the lottery. One has to believe that in order to become successful in Internet marketing, one MUST be prepared to put in some hard work too! There is so much truth being this statement that I can go on forever just talking about that alone.

    Now, I am NOT saying that you have to be a "slave" and work 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in order to become successful at becoming an entrepreneur with Clickbank Pirate but what i am saying is that with some decent amount of work, studying, goals, preparation, and most of all, COMMUNICATION with others either via email, forums, posting, calling or even texting, you will be able to build yourself a nice, juicy money making empire that will eventually run on "Auto-Pilot"! Yes, on AUTOPIOLOT !!

    I don't know about you but I cannot say this enough that waking up every morning and checking my Clickbank Account to see my sales is now officially something really fun to do! :)  And it can happen to you if you apply some simple but incredibly efficient steps and follow the formula and allow Click bank Pirate to run on auto-pilot like it IS DESIGNED TO DO!!!

    So, Why is Click bank Pirate a Safe Investment?

    Why is CB Pirate a safe road to go down especially in our crumbling economy? Well, if i need to explain this in detail, please re-read the above! Lol..

    ClickBank Pirate is a proven and established plug & play turnkey affiliate marketing system that employs the digital merchandises and products featured on ClickBank to make you thousands per month on auto-pilot without a web site, technical knowledge, or product of your own. CB Pirate’s amazing idea of strategy and objective is to target subscribers NOT to make a one time sale but to get involved in building a self-containing live downline to continuously make purchases for you!

    Thats it!

    Yes, it may or may not take you some time but when that time eventually does come, you WILL BE very excited and glad that you invested into Clickbank Pirate and probably wished you had done so years ago.

     But don't let this discourage you because you did not get CB Pirate in the past because it has not even come close to reaching its "Peak" yet! As a matter of fact, I do not even see CB Pirate reaching a peak anytime soon so jump aboard "Mates" and "Matties" and join the Click bank Family so you can brag to your friends, family , co-workers and competitors about how well you are doing with this awesome atop-pilot sofware that you own.

    The CB Software System follows proven pre-selling and marketing formulas with a series of persuasive email campaigns designed to convert the subscriber into multiple commission checks for you! SWEET!! All you need to do is promote one link and CB Pirate gives you tons of free material to do so, such as blog posts, articles, emails, banners, and more.

    You'll also obtain free VIP access to the Traffic Generation 101 e-course, private web conference invites with affiliate marketing industry experts, new and limited released turnkey packages, and a free money making wordpress blog already (SEO'd) search engine optimized and fully monetized with your Clickbank Pirate "squeeze pages" and "affiliate links".

    ClickBank Pirate saves you tons of time in establishing and creating content and money by offering free hosting, a domain, advertisings, auto responders, email drives, professional web designs and everything else that would total up to a whole lot of trying to make money online by yourself. You will not regret this!

    Start using ClickBank Pirate now and hopefully in the near future, as long as you follow some simple rules, stick to your goals, promote and share information with others and COMMUNICATE , making that $100.oo a day is going to be much more appealing and within reach sooner than you think!

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  • Jeff Johnson's Non-Stop Traffic Formula

    Hello folks!

    Yes, It is coming .... The Amazing Jeff Johnson’s Non-Stop Traffic Formula will be here soon.

    It's a private and secret membership site and training program that teaches you on how to get traffic" monumental traffic! The kind of traffic you are NOT getting now...!! Without traffic, you may as well sell the store because if you are into affiliate marketing or just want more traffic to your web site for whatever reason than you NEED to watch the video below:

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    Traffic is important because it equals to money.


    If you're really interested in learning and discovering precisely how to lure in good quality traffic, and then turn that into pure profit

    Then Jeff Johnson's Non-Stop Traffic Formula is 100% the program you need to learn from.

    This video explains it all:

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    Jeff is also offering a "We Do It For You" service for the first time in thirty-six months and seating will be very, very restricted for this.

    Here are just a few things that are included in this amazing membership:
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    • "Push Send, Get Traffic" Email Marketing System.
    • My All New Traffic Launcher Formula 2.0 Strategy For Tapping Into The Traffic Created By Someone Else And How To Ethically Hijack It So You Can Get Paid To Build Your List With It.
    • How To "Google Proof" Your Business .
    • My Traffic-Getting Jumpstart 2.0, A Simple System For Ramping Up Free Traffic To New Websites And Blogs.
    • The Lazy Man’s Way to Get Free Traffic from Google Every Single Day.
    • How to Create Thousands Of High-Quality Incoming links On Auto-Pilot. Article Marketing in the Age of the Google’s Dreaded Panda Updates.
    • "Out Of The Box"{ Search Engine Optimization and A Few Simple Tricks To Make It Even More Powerful.
    • The 3 Things You Absolutely Need To Do In Order To Avoid Being Branded As A "Thin Affiliate Site" By The Search Engines.
    And Much, Much More.

    And since you're still reading this and not watching the video, Let me give you 5 no-brainer reasons why you should at least check out Jeff’s Non-Stop Traffic Formula:

    1. Jeff has always been the man named at the top of merely every major launch that's happened in the last four years. And he does it using nothing but 100% free traffic.

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    3. Jeff’s students have always reported incredible results over the years using his strategies. Just check out the 16,384 comments left on his content-packed blogs.

    4. He has been running online coaching clubs, very successful ones, for six continuous years in a row now. 1000s of people have united and feedback has been fantastic. You do not have that kind of staying power unless you really have something special to share with your students, and he does.

    5. Jeff consistently makes more money in a single week than the top income earners in the U.S. earn in an entire year. Let me say that again" he makes more in a week than they make in a year and he makes it by driving an insane amount of free traffic, and then converting that traffic into money" over and over again.

     "...Learn how he does it...!
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    Five Reasons Why YOU had better Be Cloaking Affiliate Links

  • Five Reasons Why YOU had better Be Cloaking Affiliate Links

    5 Reasons Why YOU had better cloak your Affiliate Links

    Becoming a big top affiliate marketer is difficult, particularly when you have got eternal, never ending competitors spying in on your techniques. The affiliate marketing industry is rowdy, and without defending your secrets it is easily accessible for everyone out there to  spy, apply, mastermind and earn from. Yes, Earn from YOUR Earnings!  Sucks Huh?

    Well, there is something you can do about it. 

    Keep Reading:

    Now-days, it is absolutley 100% essensial and crucial for everyone to cloak their affiliate links. Even more so due to the fact that an estimate of 1 out of 5 people are getting their affiliate links stolen and taken over by internet thieves who, in my opinion, deserve to be put in jail for theft.

    It should be a crime to steal and earn money from someone elses hard work. The problem is that it is hard to prove this beleive it or not! So, to save yourself not only money but time, hard work and effort, why not use affiliate link cloaking?

    While cloaking sounds like a very promlimatic hard, time-consuming difficult process, it is actually quite easy and simple to do it!

    On that point, there really is nothing more annoying than  than seeing your hard work stolen and payed to some scumbag who just "back-stabbed" you! Therefore, it is utterly crucial and essential to cloak every single one of your affiliate links today! Of course, you do not have to do this if you do not want to but do remember that you are taking a huge risk of literally throwing away sometimes "half" to maybe even "all" of your hard earned commissions!

    Who the hell wants that to happen? Not me, thats for sure!!

    So then, by simply applying some intuitive link-cloaking software, you'll be able to have all your affiliate links aiming directly at their rightful owners targets, their "bulls eye" without your customers even knowing about it.

     If you are still not sold or convinced that link cloaking is the right way to go then continue reading on and try to "absorb" these 5 very important reasons that you should have yourself begging for a simple link cloaking solution:

    Click Here to Find Out More About
    Phantom Link Cloaker

    1. Cautious and conservative customers can smell an affiliate link from miles away.

    It is true.

    Very TRUE!

    We have read so many blogs and websites, we have seen so many testimonial pages, and looked at so many 'critical review' websites that we have become cautious of affiliate links.

    It is just the nature of testimonials; while some people trust and rely on personal recommendations, others retreat or withdrawl all-together from a sale when it looks like a paid commission. With link cloaking, every one of your affiliate links is masked, so buyers will not be vexing about purchasing from a commission-generating reference.

    2. Affiliate managers enjoy and love to steal commission information.

    Data and information theft is a pitiful truth in the affiliate world. As helpful as most affiliate marketers are, there are always and will always be those "bad apples" or "rotton eggs" or "scum-bags" who steal your sales, steal your data, and drain all of your campaigns totally "dry" for their own commissions and monies owed to you.

    Affiliate networks need to know that you are not sending fraudulent traffic, but they do not need to know exactly where your traffic is arriving from. Affiliate link cloaking can help you avoid the possible theft of your traffic sources, and downplay the chances of your commissions going missing drastically !

    3. If you decide NOT to cloak your affiliate links then "slimy" hackers can steal affiliate information!

    *** Did you know that there are pop-ups out there designed to do nothing other than detect affiliate links and replace one affiliate account number for another? ***

     That way, whenever a sale is made, you are NOT receiving the hard-earned credit that you worked very hard for to get. Instead, the commissions go to the scum-bag hacker, who carefully planted adware on a user's computer.

    *** I don't know about you but this sounds too scary to ignore now-days!!! ***

    Now, the great news is that since cloaking your affiliate links take your link out of the URL bar, hackers CAN NOT access the data, and machine-controlled on auto-pilot like this are powerless when it comes to stealing your commissions.

    4. Cloaking is crucial for beneficial affiliate supervising.

    You're tracking your data, aren't you? If you are using self-hosted tracking software such as 202, you need to be cloaking your links as well. Whether you are running traffic through a landing page or directly to the affiliate page, setting up tracking along-side your cloaking makes it more easygoing to supervise user conduct, track conversion rates and EPC information, and split test different types of linking and landing pages.

    5. Cloaking can help with search engine optimization (SEO).

    We have all experienced and felt Google's recent crackdown on affiliate merchandises. When your pages are indexed, any affiliate links could be hurting your ranking. It is a bit unjust, that's for certain, but it is the rules that we haveprogressed to play by. By cloaking your links, search engines are powerless to detect any affiliate products, and you could end up getting a better ranking, or for pay-per-click (PPC) users, an improved quality score.

    To learn more about link cloaking, check out the free :

    Cloak & Dagger Affiliate Secrets report. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include this resource box. You can also include your affiliate link if you sign up at Phantom Link Cloaker.


    Autopilot Affiliate System - CB Pirate

  • Autopilot Affiliate System

    If you are nonetheless still fighting to get those
    1st few bucks on the Internet, then this may
    be the boastful break you have been awaiting for...

    With this testified proven software autopilot

    system you'll be able to virtually
    Begin yielding entirely unresisting revenue
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    Everything is arranged for you...

    It is known as Clickbank Pirate, and when
    I state easy, I mean it...

    Here are a couple of matters you do not have
    to do once you have Clickbank Pirate:

    * You do not have to sell anything...

    You read that correctly - with this system
    all you have to do is give away worthy
    free reports... then they do the selling
    for you!

    Virtually most people now days detest attempting to sell stuff...
    now you are free of that worry eternally!

    * You do not have to write a single word

    Everything is done for you - no more elongated,
    Excruciating hours writing, or expending immense
    Numbers on untrustworthy ghostwriters...

    * You do not need any technological cognition...

    Do not vex if you do not understand hypertext markup language, (HTML)

    PHP, file transfer protocol, (FTP) or the rest of the ABC soup
    of computer programs... everything is
    Functioning and set up to go on the Internet...

    * It will not cost you an arm and a leg...

    With Clickbank Pirate you receive everything
    you require - you will not have to pay for
    hosting, auto responders, writers, and so forth.

    What you DO need to do is take natural action by
    Proceeding to the link below at once:

    => CB Pirate

    Like I stated to begin with, Clickbank Pirate is
    a absolute turnkey system - you will be able to get
    going right away, even if it is 2AM, and
    start encountering the cash stream in as soon
    as fifteen mins from now!

    Get Started NOW ! Click The Banner Below:


    Clickbank Pirate - CB Pirate Autopilot Software System

  • Clickbank Pirate is an all-in-1 software package that aids newcomers in the cyberspace Affiliate merchandising industriousness to begin making money as quick and efficient as possible as they start-off their stage business enterprise escapade. 

    Introduced and made by online marketing experts Cindy Battye and Soren Jordansen, CB Pirate is their most previous and by far their most astonishing software package for commercializing on everlasting clickbank autopilot profit to this date.

    I've been a CB Pirate Autopilot member since 2009 and I'm not going to give any false information what-so-ever but it took me more or less quite a bit of personal time to jump into the making money area right off the bat. 

    Most mistakes beginner Internet marketing newbies make is thinking they are going to be and become "Rich" overnight and never have to work for someone again. This is false and by no means should anyone take this as a joke. Time and effort must be a big part of your entrepreneur mind set on a 24/7 consistent basis and just follow simple directions from the Clickbank Pirate rules.

    I did make some sales here and there but for the most part, they were sales and profits without any marketing on my own behalf. It is not until I  started to do a bit of work when i really began to make some nice Cash Flow! All it took was 1 sale this one particular evening to "wake me up" and smell the coffee to actually  to make me actualize and acknowledge how idiotic I was for not acting on what CB Pirate tells you to execute in the first place! Duh !.. I mean, that was the whole reason for buying this auto-pilot software in the first place, make sense?

    After composing a couple of articles and posts, both of my web sites or blogs (one which is free from that I discovered that I was beginning to make sales over time and recognized what a misunderstanding on my behalf for NOT promoting this incredible software from the  it was NOT to promote this amazing program from the kickoff.

    It virtually takes you by your hand and guides you through what you need to execute! I do not know about you but when I first started blogging, I needed that "Helpful Hand" to assist myself into getting started. Many people, especially new comers to the Cyberspace marketing world make a mistake right here in this precious area by NOT using this method right away. It is, by far, one of the most under used tools today and I really believe that it is vitally important to point this out. Especially if you are new to this whole Internet marketing thing!

    The fundamental requirement to defeating possible problem is to simply just follow Clickbank Pirates exact rules and just "Do It" precisely the way they tell you to do it! Thats it!  It can not get any less complicated than this!

    There are so many ways to promote
    CB Pirate!

    They even give you dozens of free articles that you'll be able to "re-write" and publish on your blog or web site!.. of course, with your "shining" affiliate links inside your posts so when people purchase CB Pirate, YOU get the commissions !.. Now, doesn't that sound AWESOME! :)

    Just like myself in this article. Yes, I will get a commission too if you join from my link and I really appreciate if you do decide to come aboard under my link because no mater what, when you join, someone is going to get the commission no matter what, so again, I really treasure your decision if you do happen to join us and use my link from this article to join or my CB Pirate Blog to join. 

    cb pirate

    CB Pirate’s autopilot software package is designed to be ultra- time-tested and can help you in bringing about a consistent and continuous profit of cash flow as a business partner. The product makes effective use of 3 different online business formulas.

    1st, it helps in fetching traffic and clients into your articles, blogs or squeeze web pages.

    2nd, it employs squeeze pages to capture information of the traffic and candidates that are arriving in on your web pages and viewing your articles and blogs. This will provide for you to render efficient leads for future years to come. (By the way, if you decide to join Clickbank Pirate and as long as you stay a loyal member, you get all future commissions from both NEW members joining under your link and also people in other down lines under YOUR down line as well! Forever! )

    Sound Awesome or what?
    CB Pirate Video

     Finally, CB Pirate makes connectivity much more efficient by means of follow up calls and emails to your possible future customers involving the latest business products you may have. This can greatly add to your business enterprise by raising more leads and retailing your services.

    Internet marketers whom are a little more "seasoned" who are presently making use of this specific product refer to it as a effective course that produces a continual flow of revenues by means of selling consumers its ClickBank products and making effective usage of affiliate marketing as a means to bring in more money for their commercial enterprise.

    The most detectable and critical characteristic of CB Pirate are the "Squeeze Pages" which support your business by immobilizing the information of the clients or prospects who visit your site and use the information afterwards to contact and convert people into loyal and paying consumers. Even repeat business which is called "Residual Income"!

    To start using the auto-pilot software is quite easy actually. After realizing the whole product and what to expect with the program, you will be able to receive a heads up concerning the base and development of your online business  that can step-up the potential of making immense quantities of cash and a frequent flow rate of net worth for you and your business.

    Today, the birth of dissimilar internet-based merchandises that claim to render monumental amounts of stable and residual money have been developing in numbers. Its numerous is widespread and have made interested consumers powerfully look upon making it their official income source for their families.

    Nevertheless, one should also recognize that these products don't always look good in the eyes of the public. This has been evident with countless reports and cases of scams that have coexisted with this type of product. As luck would have it, there's one particularly that can be entrusted of their integrity and credibility!  

    Click the ‘Download’ button below for your download of CB Pirate can commence.

    Folks, no one is saying that by buying this auto-pilot software that you'll become wealthy overnight or in a few days. The only way this really happens at present,  is when you win the lottery. Therefore, it is very important that you realize that in order to make residual reoccurring income and therefor making a living where you can "Quit" your daytime crappy job is by putting in your share of work too!

    Sooner or later, with some good promoting of this product, you'll start to "harvest" the rewards that come with it. People will start purchasing this under YOU! hence the popular phrase "Making Money While You Sleep" comes into play! How nice would it be to wake up in the morning, have your cup of coffee and check your Clickbank account to see new sales? That would be nice wouldn't it? ... :)

    And to conclude this article, it gets even better overtime because recurring  sales are often and more frequent thus creating not only new sales for you but auto-pilot income that is called "residual income"... (remember this word) Now, that's what you eventually want but it takes a little time to get there. Just "Never" give up! You'll get there. 

    Once you visit the CB Pirate official web site you will be able to download it for free or purchase the full version software.
    Clickbank Pirate

    Click bank Pirate in France

  • Click bank Pirate in France

    It seems as if Clickbank Pirate has become a phenomenon in France of late. Especially in the city of Paris Ile de France!

    Why is this? 

    I do not know but all i can tell you is that it seems as if CB Pirate has become the latest big thing over there.

    So Many Affiliate Programs! Which One Do I Choose? Why Choose Clickbank Pirate?

    Ask questions 1st before you join any affiliate program. Even the "All-Mighty" CB Pirate Auto-Pilot Income Program. Do some research about the alternatives of the programs that you specify to join.. Get some responses because they'll be the determining point of what you'll be accomplishing afterwards.

    Will it cost you anything to join? Most affiliate programs being offered today are absolutely free of charge. So why settle for those that charge you some dollars before joining.

    When do they supply the commission checks? 

    Every program is different. Some issue their checks once a month, every quarter, etc. Select the one that is suited to your payment time choice. Many affiliate programs are setting a minimum earned commission amount that an affiliate must meet or exceed in order for their checks to be issued.

    What is the hit per sale ratio? This is the average number of hits to a banner or text link it takes to generate a sale based on all affiliate statistics. This factor is highly important because this will tell you how much traffic you must generate before you can earn a commission from the sale.

    How are referrals from an affiliate’s site tracked and for how long do they remain in the system? You need to be confident on the program enough to track those people you refer from your site. This is the only way that you can credit for a sale. The period of time that those people stay in the system is also important. This is because some visitors do not buy initially but may want to return later to make the purchase. Know if you will still get credit for the sale if it is done some months from a certain day.

    Many of these questions can and WILL be answered when you watch the CB PIrate Video HERE

    What are the kinds of affiliate stats available? Your choice of affiliate program should be capable of offering detailed stats. They should be available online anytime you decide to check them out. Constantly checking your individual stats is important to know how many impressions, hits and sales are already generated from your site. Impressions are the number of times the banner or text link was viewed by a visitor of your site. A hit is the one clicking on the banner or text links.

    Does the affiliate program also pay for the hits and impressions besides the commissions on sales? It is important that impressions and hits are also paid, as this will add to the earnings you get from the sales commission. This is especially important if the program you are in offers low sales to be able to hit ratio.

    Believe me, Before I joined Click bank Pirate, I asked myself many of these questions over and over in my head! I have been blogging for almost 5 years now and I have NEVER come across a program as diverse, competitive, alluring, exciting, rewarding, simple, and best of all, a program where making money with Clickbank on Auto-Pilot has never been so easy before!!!!

    I Challenge You To NOT Make Money With This!   Sounds Crazy you say?  But it is true!  I actually challenge you to NOT MAKE a SINGLE CENT with Clickbank Pirate!

    I will put my own reputation on the line with this!  That is how absolutely 100% positive I am when talking about this incredible, amazing Auto-Pilot Income Program like no other out there today! There really is NO OTHER PROGRAM like this on the market!

    Even to this day, ( I have been with Click bank Pirate for over 2 years now ) do I have any regrets for joining this program! NONE!  ZERO!

    Did that get your attention? I'm perfectly serious... before another 30 days goes by, you could be making more money than you ever could at any stinking JOB.

    And the best part? Your income will be passive, on automatic pilot... once you set it up and turn it loose, you can relax...

    Just watch the video.....

    Click the photo to watch the video NOW!